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The background

…. The plans I make still have you in them

Once love hit on you, you feel transformed. And even years after you broke off with your lovers, the immediate sight of him/her can reignite this old feeling. This is called true love.

Recently, I went to a BBQ where two of my friends were constantly speaking with each other, remaining isolated from the rest of the group. They used to live together, and were about to get married, when a huge fight between them tore them apart. It started because he told her he was afraid to get married. And she got angry, and decided to leave him.

She has dated several men since then, but no one could stand the comparison with her ex. She did remain friend with him afterward, and they are still constantly talking to each other. Whenever she feels down, she calls him first, even before her best friend. When she feels alone and don’t want to sleep on her own, she goes to his place and spend the night with him. She swears she never slept with him during those sleepover, but we’re not convinced at all.

He has never replaced her either. Since they broke off, we never have seen him with another woman. He’s still in love with her, that’s what he told us.

I guess it’s just a matter of time until they get back together. They are burnt by their love.

She’s the one who hesitates in this puzzle. Maybe she’ll change her mind one day.

Maybe he will change his mind too.


3 thoughts on “The background

  1. Anakit, she hesitates because she’s simply afraid to get hurt again by him. And for him, I don’t know. This sounds like they should have a good conversation about this.

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