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Good for you

Recently, one of my acquaintances left her husband of ten years to start a new relationship with her neighbour. They were lovers for almost two years until they decided to make their way through the light. She admitted she didn’t expect her “relationship” with him would turn out to be a great love story. When they met, they were just attracted by each other, and they started to have an affair without saying that much to each other. She was just drawn by him. She said he looked very good, and wondered if she would ever had a chance with him, as she saw many women going back and forth into his apartment, a real love cavern as she described it. Her dog was keeping on entering his room, and she apologized many times. Those words were the only one they exchanged. Until one day, she received a little word in her mailbox, asking her to join him at his office, really nearby.

There, the fire started. And she soon began to realize she couldn’t get enough of him. Physically speaking. She felt incredibly at ease with him, and had no inhibition.They had sex everywhere, anytime they met. When she had to leave for her holiday with her husband and kid, she invited him to join her in a hotel when she would come back, one month later.

They didn’t exchange a word during her days off. But on the D-day, he was there, waiting for her. And instead of spending the whole time in bed, they had the occasion to spend some time outside, in a park, then at the restaurant. And they talked. She realized they had a lot of common points with him, and fell in love with him from that day. She wasn’t expecting this at all. After all, relationships based solely on sex have a thin chance to last. But they managed to turn this affair into a real relationship.

This morning, I had a chat with a friend of mine, who didn’t understand why we could leave a marriage like that just for sex. His father was left for the gardener and he had around him several examples of this too.

When I think about it, sex can be a starter of a relationship. We don’t get along sexually speaking with everybody. From a woman’s point of view, it’s not that easy to get an orgasm. Generally, we’re more focused on giving pleasure to our partner rather than ours. On the long run, if this is permanent, it can be boring. And the first one who’s able to wake up our libido has a good chance to sweep us away. We have orgasms with the one we trust. And trust is an essential part of a relationship, as well as sex. For some people, this is not important. But they’d better share that with their partner.

Of course, I don’t say that we can all start a real relationship solely based on sex. But this is a good starting point, isn’t it?


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