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From the clouds

“How was their love,  free, unusual, incomparable! They thought like others would have sung. If they loved each other, it wasn’t out of necessity, of succumbing to the flame of passion, according to a false image. If they loved each other, it was because around them, everything wants it that way: the earth beneath their feet, the sky above their heads, the clouds, the trees. Their love suited  their closed friends perhaps even more than  themselves;  the strangers in the street,  those who would move aside in front of them when they walked,  the rooms where they lived and met”

Boris Pasternak, Doctor Zhivago.

This may be a strange definition of love. But when you think about it, it can make sense. Some couples appear as obvious to their entourage. Even before they actually got together. Among my acquaintances, there were two of a kind who had to be together. Everyone was convinced they could make a great couple long before they started dating for real. And now, we can’t see them without each other. It’s like they were meant to be.

When so many people are convinced you could make a great match, they can’t be wrong, can they? Of course, if this is only based on how good looks your couple, it’s silly. It’s not because both of you are beautiful that you would make a good match. You can have very opposite characters and fight all of the time. You can have nothing in common.

And if your couple only exists in the eyes of other people, you should ask yourself a big question: does your couple exist to your own eyes? A couple is something we have to build together, it doesn’t come for free and it’s not obvious. When I started dating my man, he asked me several times what I was expecting from him and our couple. A couple only exists if there is a project behind it. It’s not just two people hand in hand. Otherwise, we could make a couple with a lot of people.

So, do you care about what people say about your couple?


2 thoughts on “From the clouds

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:

    i find it to be my good fortune that many people have told me over many years that my wife is far too good for me… that she is a much better person than me.

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