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The razor edge

The best way to avoid temptation is to yield to it

Oscar Wilde

Recently, a comment left on one of my posts made me think: when we try to resist to our feelings because we know it’s bad for us, we suffer a lot.

But when we yield to these feelings, maybe it can open our eyes about our mistake.

Unfortunately, most of us follow this principle: the things we don’t have are more important than the things we have. It’s called confusing having and being, and can cause us to be very tormented for things that are not so important.

In love, we have a better chance to long for a love that is unfulfilled than for a love that brings us everything we want. So, I wonder: when we fall in love with someone already committed elsewhere, would it last once he/she leaves his/her significant other and asks you to marry  you?

And besides, love can fool us very badly. When we fall in love, we take the good side of our lover. But sooner or later, reality comes up, and you realize he/she’s not really the one you were looking for. Especially if the one we fell in love comes from a whole different world than yours.

Of course, I don’t say this is a general rule. But how many times have we been fooled by our feelings? It can happen we make a mistake. For women, this is even worse, because we tend to confuse our emotions. It’s not that easy to sort our feelings and determine if this relationship is pure limerence or pure love. Love is about caring and understanding the other. Passion is different and makes you blind. Temporarily.

So, have you ever disliked after some time the one you fell in love madly?


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