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The one I love

“Against a man of your age, I can’t compete” once said the man I love. I don’t agree.

Do we really go for the most handsome, richest, most intelligent, nicest, funniest, … person when we fall in love? Not a all. Among my male friends, the ones who score better with the opposite sex are neither the most intelligent, handsome, nicest, funniest guys of the pack. But they have something that really pleases the opposite sex. And no, this isn’t sex…

The two guys of the pack are simply the ones who can listen  and comfort the opposite sex. Of course, they’re not ugly ducklings. But some of my male friends are way handsome than them, and yet, they cannot catch any lady. Because they’re not especially outgoing. The two are just charming. And they’re not charming because they are the most this or the most that.

I’m not saying that for a one night stand, these two can do the trick. But when it comes to bonding, they are the greatest catch among my friends.

We choose the one who can make us safe. This has nothing to do with his/her beauty, intelligence,… It’s about how comfortable you are to confide your little secrets, your happiness and your sorrow, your little and big worries… It’s about how he/she accepts you the way you are, and not for what/who you represent.

This is why, although my man is a bit of a celebrity, I love him the way he is, with his worries, his happiness and sorrow, his pride, his shame, his lack of interest for fashion, his little habits and curious food taste,… because he makes me feel in safety.