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Have a little faith in me

Sometimes, we think a situation is hopeless, until a twist of faith decides it otherwise. One year ago, we all thought we were heading for the worst in our history, but now, everything seems to slowly recover.
This crisis may have caused some breakups, but it has also brought people together. People who were taking their distance with each other. “We were both working like crazy, and slowly took our distance with each other. Everytime we had a chance to spend some time together, we ended up fighting. I couldn’t bear him anymore. I thought he couldn’t bear me anymore too, because he spent more and more time at his office. But then, his company went almost bankrupt, and their management had to fire a lot of employees to keep the company afloat. He wasn’t spared in this restructuration, and ended up at our home, doing nothing. Suddenly, he began to realize he had devoted his life for something that wasn’t finally important and that never rewarded him the way it should. And also realized he wasn’t treating me very well. He proposed to me to take a long period off from work, so we could travel the world together, just like we did when we were younger. This really helped us to get back together. Since then, we decided to take it slow at work, and spend more time together. Because he eventually found a new job. And I left mine to become a photographer, something I always wanted to do” K., 46, said.

An external event can change things, but sometimes, we don’t have to search very far.

After months of fighting, she suddenly left. I went back to our apartment and found out she had removed all of her belongings. And she disappeared. She just left a letter, a very long one, explaining why she left. And that she needed time alone to figure it out. I was devastated after that and remained secluded at home for some time. Then, I began slowly to recover, and started going out again with my friends. I ended up one night at the bar where we first met, and this is where I saw her again, hanging with her girlfriends. I didn’t expect her to be nice with me, but she came to me and we started to chat, just like old friends. At the end of the night, the bar was closing, and we were still talking and laughing. Our friends left us there because they had enough of waiting for us. And it was obvious for me I still love her. We finally left each other and went back our separate ways. But the next morning, she was at my apartment, with some muffins, and told me she made a mistake by leaving me. She told me she was devastated too she had to leave. That she felt miserable without me. I was a little bit shaken, and had a hard time believing her. So, I let her go. Two days later, I met one of her friends, who told me she did tell the truth. And I decided to take her back into my life. Because I can’t live without her. And she can’t live without me” L., 40, said.

Sometimes, life can tear us apart. And sometimes, we manage somehow to go beyond these obstacles.

“I got promoted from my job, but this included moving to another country. And I couldn’t refuse. P. and I were only dating for six months when I learned about this. And he told me to go for it. He also added he would join me once he found an opportunity there. But I had really doubts about that. As the departure approached, we started to fight more and more.  I couldn’t believe he would follow me. One month before the D-Day, I broke up with him. I couldn’t imagine I could wait for him, and also feared he would never come. So, I preferred to stop there. When I arrived in San Francisco, I was very heart-broken. I threw myself into work to forget him. It had been six months I got to San Francisco when one day, someone rang at my door. It was P. He was there only for three days, but wanted to see me. I was really hesitating. I knew that if I let him in again, I could never let him go again. I just told him that, and told him to go. Two months later, he moved in my apartment. He found a job not far from my company. And we promised to ourselves we wouldn’t let life separate us again. We got married five months after his arrival” K., 35, said.  

All stories don’t have a happy ending like that. It only works if we really love each other. And if we have some common plans.