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Something to tell

When you break up with your companion, and don’t cut all contacts with him/her afterward, it’s difficult to hide when you find love again.

One of my friends broke up with his girlfriend two years ago, but for practical reasons, she didn’t move out their apartment immediately after the split. It took her a whole year to move out, and she got in a hurry in the last couple of months before the D-Day because my friend started to see someone else. And it became really weird for them to bump into each other in the morning.

Instead of warning his ex he had found someone else, he just let things happened. His ex learned about this when his new conquest came once at their apartment to fetch him. And of course, she wasn’t really pleased about this.

But telling your ex you have found someone else is a little bit cruel. This is why we don’t shout it out loud, unless we want to take revenge on an ex who treated us like a fool.

Generally, we learn our ex has moved on thanks to an acquaintance or a friend. It can also happen we bumped into our ex with his/her new love by accident. If we have moved on too, this is not a big deal. If the break up was really bad, it can be hurtful. But eventually, this news will help us to move on, and to accept he/she will never come back into our life.

There are some special situations. When I broke up with my ex, he insisted many times to know if he already had a replacement. I preferred to tell him the truth about this. Lying in this case doesn’t make really any sense. If I lied to him, and he had learned it in other ways, he would have gone mad after me. Truth hurts, on the moment. But it hurts even more if you had to cover it by a lie.

But my new companion didn’t tell his ex he was seeing someone else. And when she finally learned about it, his reaction was to deny, deny, deny. He doesn’t want this as an element against him in his divorce case.

So, are you trying to stay honest with your ex?


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