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Let’s make a break

Some couples feel the need to have a break in order to reignite the flame of love. But this generally happens in a long term relationship. What if you have only been dating for six months, and that suddenly, he asks you to have a break? This is clearly not a good sign you’re going strong, then.

But it can happen. Two of my friends left their respective partners to start a relationship together. Both of them have children, a mortgage, … And these details became problems that force them to take their distance occasionally. Jealousy and fear got along the way. Both feared they would rush back to their ex, and they also had a hard time at the beginning facing the critics of their family, so-called friends, and acquaintances.

So far, they’ve been together for 8 months, and they already had three pauses.

Going through a divorce is something really painful. Most of my acquaintances who got divorced thought at the beginning they could divorce by mutual agreement, without any fuss. But most of them got it wrong. This can happen because their ex or themselves don’t accept the fact it is over, and face the bitterness and anger of their ex.

This is clearly not a good environment to start a new relationship straight away. And this is why rebound relationship can never work.

So, when both of the members of the couple are going through a messy divorce with their ex, they’re not in a healthy, normal condition to be in a relationship. And even if only one of the members is going through a difficult divorce, this can also cause some troubles. “My ex and I ended our 12 years relationship on a mutual agreement. We didn’t fight at all for the separation of our goods. But we didn’t have to divorce, because we were not married. When I met T., 2 months later, he was only separated from his wife from the same period. And his divorce procedure took a long and painful turn. They fought about everything. And it got some side-effects on our relationship too. Every time T. saw his ex and talked about the divorce, he would become moody, terribly aggressive, and couldn’t ease his behavior in front of me. This was extremely difficult for our couple. And we had to separate several times because of that. But we can’t get enough of each other. I know this is only temporary, that we can live a normal relationship once this procedure is over” K., 37, said.

Love happens in the most awkward moments. And it’s something you can’t really control. Love is irrational.