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Demons at night

Can we lose our mind when it’s over? According to some studies, we can die of a broken heart. The symptoms, apart from severe chest pain, are difficult to bear. But how do we end up like this?

When we really love someone, and that someone leaves us or rejects us, it’s like the world we know collapse. It’s a trauma. And our body responds to that shock in sometimes a very violent way.

We can lose suddenly interest in all we’re doing, feel torn between anger, despair, desire to call the one who broke our heart, loneliness, and nostalgia. We can have trouble sleeping, eating. We’re just becoming the shadow of ourselves.

In extreme cases, we can also think about suicide.

I guess it’s particularly difficult to bear all this when you don’t have something to hold onto. Our job, social activities, friends and family can become like a safety boat when we have a broken heart. These can prevent us to go crazy.

I’m just telling you all this because I do find some support in my job, my friends and my family, after having my heart badly broken. I can only understand those who commit suicide because they had their heart broken and at the same time lose their job or someone really close to them. I can also understand one of my friends who got recently really sick and admitted she wished she would have died quickly.

The most difficult part for myself is my demons at night. I can’t sleep properly without crying and having nightmares.

The only medicine for a broken heart is time. And some distance with the one who broke our heart.

And then, we could sing “No More I love yous”.