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The promises we made

Life is a journey. But we can’t make it all alone. It would be really sad if it was the case. Some people are solitary in their soul, though. But I do believe even those solitary need a companion sometimes.

Human interactions are so precious. If we live just withdrawn on ourselves, we just become sinister people, we can even lose the sense of humanity. Other people can help us to become a better person, or just warm our heart.

We all have cracks where light can come in. Some people just have that power to be that light. Generally, when we meet this light, we just know it. There’s something in our heart that just resonates the right way.

And for sure, we don’t want to let this feeling go away.This is probably the best way to recognize who will accompany us in the journey of our life. Like we will be the person who will accompany this person in the journey of his/her life.

With this person, we become more confident about the future, and therefore make plans for it. We can meet this person at the very beginning of our journey. Or meet him/her during the course of it.

I met my man when I was 3. We were both in the same school, and became quickly inseparable. We were constantly having mischievous plans together. We set the fire in the toilet of our school for example. We also hid all the other kids’ toys and couldn’t stop laughing between us. Later, when we went to College, we were the one who set up  the newspaper for our College, which irritated a lot of people because we weren’t particularly kind with people in general. We also decided to learn photography afterwards, and we’re now working together as photographer. There was no way I could have done all this without him. If life is a journey, then he is the companion of my journey” I., 32, explains.

When I met J., we both got out of a difficult relationship. We both had our heart broken, and it really didn’t start really well between us. We were working for rival publications. And I hated him because of that. But once, we got to go to the same seminar for three days together, and we kept on bumping onto each other during this event. So, he asked me if I could have a drink with him, just to know me better. I thought it was a catch. But I discovered someone really charming and disarming, who had a lot of common points with me. That drink was followed by a dinner, then another drink in a bar late in the night, and he made the promise that from now on, he will always try to help me as much as he can. I thought he was joking and drunk, but the next morning, he was waiting for me in the hall of my hotel, and asked me if I could accompany him on an important and exclusive interview he got. Our publications got this at the same time, and my career just took a boost thanks to that. And it continued. Every time he had exclusive informations, he would accept to give me some of it. We decided to write a book together on the topic we were following. And then,  we had another one, and another one. If he wasn’t at my side, I wouldn’t feel so strong. And he says I’m helping him a lot too” A., 34, said.

The promises and plans we make tighten the bond we have together. After all, what defines a strong relationship is its future. If we can’t make plans for the future, then it only means we don’t want to commit.

But plans can be cancelled, and promises broken.  Unfortunately.