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Scent of a man

B. says that women leave men because of their poor hygiene. I don’t agree with him. Poor hygiene is associated with other causes which can be the real root of the problem: it can be depression, mental illness, rebellion, middle age crisis,…Poor hygiene in itself isn’t enough to make a woman run away.

At least, not if the romance has been going on for  some time. But this can be disqualifying when it’s the first date. “I had a crush on G. over a long time, but I never got the occasion to talk to him nor to be close to them. Once, we got invited to sky by a common friend, and I got to know him a little bit more. But once I got close to him, I realized he smelt really badly, and my crush for him got shattered really quickly” S., 38, said. “I met U. on the Internet. After months of numerous emails and chats, we decided to meet in persona. He already sent me some recent pictures of him. And he was really handsome on it. But once I had him in front of me, there was something wrong about him: his odor, and not just the feet” P., 34, said.

Biogically speaking, we tend to choose our significant other because of his/her odor. It has to appeal to us. Apparently, we choose so because we want to pick the best partner for reproducing. Yep. But we’re not aware of this. Not completely.

But divorcing someone because of his odor is not something common. First, you would have noticed this detail earlier on. Love can make you blind, but can’t remove your sense of smell. This is simply not possible. Or you were drunk or drugged when you met your significant other.

When I told this to one of my friends, who’s a lawyer specialized in divorce, she laughed. We divorce for many reasons, but that alone isn’t enough.

And this last example alone proves I’m right: when I was a banker, I had this client who was really wealthy, but also really filthy. He had always been liked that. Yet, his wife never divorced him. And she wasn’t filthy at all. Their house used to be divided in two: her side, clean and neat, and his side, full of garbages.

Perhaps B.’s got rejected by this lame excuse in the past. This would explain that.