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You and no one else

In France, there’s a scandalous case right now going on in journalism. Audrey Pulvar, the star presenter of I-Tele, was told to leave the lead of her political show because her man, Arnaud Montebourg, is running for the presidential election in 2012.

I heard her two days ago speaking about her dismissal on the radio, and I could clearly hear she was really upset about this decision.

This would certainly damage her career. But the worst is that I read many comments about her bashing her for picking him as a partner. In the name of conflict of interests, we should avoid to fall in love with people from the other camp: politicians, CEOs, …

But this independence is simply impossible. Because we don’t choose to fall in love with another journalist or a politician. We just fall in love.

Besides, some journalists (I’m not talking about reporters who are abroad six months of the year) are often in contact with their opposite camp. This can create unusual bonds. Journalists specialized in politics or economy often know as much as the people they get in touch with professionally. From there, it’s easy to find other common points.

That’s part of the human nature. You can’t ask journalists to be robots and have no feelings.

I’m telling you this because I fell in love with a man I shouldn’t have fallen in love if I had to respect this silent rule in journalism. But unlike Audrey Pulvar, who chose to make no secret about her relationship with a politician, nobody knows about the man who shares my life. And this isn’t a comfortable situation.

Of all the men there are in this world, I chose to fall in love with this one.  It’s him, and no one else. Before dating him, I was already in love with him. But I knew I would get in trouble.

Did I think about dating other men? Yes. But none of them could keep up the comparison with him. And he’s not perfect. Not at all.


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