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A bad boyfriend

What is a bad boyfriend?

He’s the one who forgets to buy you a gift for your birthday or who tells you he hasn’t got the time to buy you one because he’s got a lot of work. the same applies for Christmas gifts.

He’s the one who promises you everything, but never accomplishes what he promised.

He’s the one who asks you to go on holiday with you, then change his mind and go alone (as he said) on holiday, to the very same place he and you made plans for.

He’s the one who is jealous you spend time with your friends and doesn’t understand why you don’t pick up your phone when he’s calling because you’re busy listening to your friend who has a real problem.

He’s the one who doesn’t answer his phone when you’re calling

He’s the one who will drop you just like that because his ex needs him.

He doesn’t understand you.

He’s the one who breaks up with you, but can’t maintain a physical distance and still wants to kiss you and have sex with you afterwards, and gets offended if you refuse.

He’s the one who avoids any confrontation with you, and always finds a good excuse to avoid the fight. For instance, fainting. He will also try to change quickly the subject.

He’s the one who puts the blame on you all the time and refuse to admit his mistakes

He’s the one who keeps you in secret, who doesn’t want you to know his friends or his family.

He’s the one who always asks you to come at his place, but never lifts his fingers to cross the town to see you at your place

He cheats on you.

He’s the one who never says he loves you. Or has a hard time admitting he’s in love with you.

He’s the one who wants you just to add to his collection of women.

He’s the one who impregnates you but refuse to recognize his fatherhood and even asks if you cheated on him.

He’s the one who thinks he’s good to you. Which is not true at all.

He’s the one who only thinks about him.

He’s married.


5 thoughts on “A bad boyfriend

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:

    this sounds like an abusive and unhealthy relationship.

    you deserve much better than such a selfish man.

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