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The supermarket of love

So, I decided to subscribe to a dating site again. Of course, in the hope to find love. But something is telling me that it won’t be easy. First, because I’m terrified. I published a profile very specific, mentioning what I expect from the man who will share my life.

I thought this would dissuade many guys, but no. And nobody has yet written me a very personal (and kind) message telling me he relates to who I am. Instead, I get tons of messages from guys who just drop by and see if there is any chance they could score with me. It could be with me, it could be with any other woman.

I bet some just copy/paste their pick up lines in their message. There’s nothing personal in it.

Then, I also found some curious cases too. Like the guy who doesn’t know me but decided I’m selfish and doesn’t hesitate to tell me about it. And when I took a glance at his profile, I just saw he was looking for a woman of maximum 38, while he’s 48. Nice.

There are also the guys (desperate) who describe everything personal in their life, in the hope you will pity them. It just reminds of my old days in College, where you see a young student not very handsome trying with every girl in the room, hoping one will say yes. Usually, he got what he wanted in the last hour of the party. A usually lost and drunken girl would yield to his advances. How nice.

And I also find a guy who complains women never answer to messages. I wonder why…

I did try to make the first step. But here, I got rejected. I realized the guys were only interested in having sex. Curiously, no one is quite honest about this in their profile.  I would prefer some honesty here. It would prevent me from wasting my time.

So, do you have a good experience with dating sites? If so, tell me about it.




4 thoughts on “The supermarket of love

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:

    from my friends that have used dating services, i have heard nothing but horror stories. horror stories. the only good stories i hear are in commercials advertising dating sites.

    the wife of one of my friends left him while he was in iraq, so he started using a dating service. when he returned home from iraq and met the lady, all he could tell me was that her profile pic must have been ten years old. i thought that was funny. at least she made him happy while he was in iraq.

    people are so rarely what they seem… whether in real life or on the internet.

  2. Ellis I. Lee says:

    it is amazing how much men actually think about sex. i think pretty much anything that a man does is somehow related to sex… a friend of mine once told me that even if he has a lot of things on his mind, one of his top three thoughts would be about sex.

    but i am pretty sure women think about sex as much—if not more than—men… am i right?!! 🙂

  3. That’s why it is important not to spend too much time chatting on those sites, and quickly meet the person you like on the internet.
    Reality can be so disappointing. One of my friends told me she ran away when she saw her web sweetheart. And I heard yesterday that everything you wrote on internet quickly disappear when you meet the person in real life. You just have to start from scratch again.

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