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Too old to love

Once, I had a conversation with B. about the chances of finding love again when you reach 50 if you’re a woman. He said his ex wife feared she would die alone, since she ‘s older than that and men of her age look for younger women.

Well, it’s true that on dating sites, I’ve been hit many times by men over 45.  And I’m surprised to see how many indicate in their profile their age preference, between 25 and 35. As if women of their age were not that good.

One of my friends says that men like these look for younger chicks because they want to have children. They also pick younger women because they fear getting old.

Fortunately, not every man is like this. And I know women of 50 and 60 who have a more active love life than their female counterparts of 30 and something. When I was in College, I had this teacher who was, at 60, simply stunning. And we knew she had various and younger lovers.

A friend of mine also complained her grandmother has more fun in her life than her, because she has two lovers. One is even ten year younger than her.

The truth is, love makes them beautiful. Some studies have shown that falling in love help us heal faster.

The key is giving love a chance again. It’s not easy when you have a broken heart. And there, if we’re 30 or 50, this is the same difficulty: we will all refuse to jump into a new relationship really quickly.

One reader left on my  blog this little story: Two roads, one crowded, one empty, merge at one crosspoint. if you try to figure out which combination between crowded and empty the road would be by looking back, there’s a good chance you won’t notice the tree in the middle of the road a few miles on.

And remember that at the end of Captain Corelli’s mandolin, Pelagia and the captain get together again, when they’re over 65.


One thought on “Too old to love

  1. mangifera says:

    Human have this complex not to die alone. I wish someone hold my hand when I’m on my deathbed. I want someone to remember me and never forget about me, I want my death to change their life…they will never be the same without me around. I guess that is a selfish thing to do. but again, who ain’t selfish.

    love should be selfish. in entirety of falling in love or genuine care for others.

    you’re never too old to fall in love and never too selfish for wanting it so much. and never too selfish to hesitate about it especially when you’re broken heart.

    Only the patience one will get their love. Tiredness might get to you but somehow be realistic about your chance. you could read the sign if you open your eyes.

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