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A precious gift

Among the rules, there’s one that says: he’s got to offer you a romantic gift for your birthday.

Yesterday, I was talking with one of my friends about this, and she didn’t believe me at all. Her ex’s never offered her a romantic gift and she doesn’t see the point of this. Yet, I think it just showed they weren’t that into her. After all, a gift is a testimony of affection for the person you offer it.

And if you put all your heart into finding the gift that will please the one you love, it just shows how much you care about him/her. But sometimes, people just don’t realize this.

For example, when I was with B., I offered him a lot of things. I didn’t feel force to do this. For me, it was natural. But B. didn’t see this the same way. He never offered me a gift for my birthday. He just invited me to the restaurant and promised he will buy me something later, because he didn’t have the time.

I should have left him after that. But I couldn’t.

The gift says it all about the state of a relationship, or even about the state of a friendship. But people have different ways to give gift. For instance, one of my friends isn’t the type to offer me a gift for Christmas or my birthday, but she offered me gifts just like that, without any reason, because it’s her.  And she was such a great girl when B. told me it was over. She was just there for me. This is the most precious gift a friend can give you.

As for the one you love, the most precious gift isn’t necessarily the most expensive either. It’s just something that comes from the heart. That’s what matters.

What’s the point if he gives you a diamond ring if it’s his personal assistant who picked it for him?  What’s the point of a romantic getaway if he only picked the destination he likes, and not yours (and also, if he takes some work with him)? What’s the point of inviting you to the restaurant, even the most expensive one, if he also does that with his friends and contacts?

I guess the gifts you receive (or not) from the one you love says it all about how much he/she loves you back.

So, yes, this rule is a good rule.


2 thoughts on “A precious gift

  1. Gifts state something to one person but may mean something else to another because each person have their idea of being loved, basically, there are 5:

    – gifts
    – quality time with each other
    – affimation words
    – physcial touch (hugs, pat on the back kind)
    – acts of service

    All we want is to be shown in our ways that we are loved and appreciated. I hope you find yours soon.

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