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A long quest

One of my friends found his match on dating sites after one year and a half of subscription and a series of bad dates. When I turned to him to explain him my bitterness over my recent disastrous date with a guy I met online, he said to me to be patient.

You will only appreciate your match more when you find him” he said. Maybe he’s right. When you visit the museum of horrors several times, you’re just happy to see daylight even more.

Most of the people I know who met their match online told me they had several bad dates, with sometimes weirdos, before meeting their significant other.

The thing is, when you meet someone online, and you really like to chat with him/her, things can really be different once you meet the person for real. Because online, it’s easy to lie. Easier than when you meet the person for real.

For instance, some people lie about their profile. They try to show their best side, sometimes with the help of heavy lies. And these never pass the test of the first encounter.

Yesterday, when I went to my first date online, I got served with a guy like that. He lied about his height. He didn’t look at all like the picture he put on his profile. And he said he enjoyed life in his profile, while he spent his time bashing his job in front of me and said horrible things about the city where I grew up. Everything was disappointing. And I didn’t feel at ease at all with him.

This is something you can never catch online, unfortunately.

But my bad date had a point: you can have a general idea about the person you meet online just by looking at his/her profile.

For instance, there is one guy who keeps on sending me emails for the moment asking me to meet him for real. We have barely exchanged emails so far, but he’s willing to meet me. On his profile, he described himself as a true hottie (to be fair, he has a great picture) and he said he’s looking for a true hottie.  He didn’t bother to fulfill all the criteria of his profile. I bet the guy is just good-looking but empty-headed.  I can only imagine a date with him could be boring to the maximum, because he has probably nothing to say to me except that I’m beautiful.

Yeah, I’m mean with the guys I meet online. But before accepting a date, I try to check if the guy is able to stand a decent conversation with me.

This is going to be a long quest to find my match online.


One thought on “A long quest

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:

    you have given me an idea if i ever have to create an online dating profile: i think it would be better to lie on a profile to seem less desirable… to say that i am shorter, fatter, balder, and more stupid than i really am. then, if i were to ever meet a woman for real, she would be pleasantly surprised instead of disappointed… hopefully 🙂

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