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After the war

This morning, I was reading an article about the making of the film “La conquête“, which describes Nicolas Sarkozy’s path to presidency. Sarkozy owes his victory to his ex-wife, Cecilia, who, like the article said, didn’t want to reap the success of her efforts.

Back then, in a last passive-agressive behavior against her then husband, she admitted in a newspaper that she didn’t see herself as a first lady. A few weeks later, she left him.

Carla Bruni took her place as the first lady of France, and in Nicolas Sarkozy’s heart. But for Bruni, the crown has something bitter about it.

It’s difficult to come after someone who had such an influence on the one you love. It’s the stiffest competition you can ever encounter in love. It’s like landing in a field after the war, and dealing with what’s left to do. It’s not a pleasant role at all.

Not only  you can fear that the ex would change his/her mind and come back, but also, you start with a heavy handicap against him/her: you don’t know the one you love as much as she/he does.

Carla Bruni seems to understand that better than anyone. That’s why I have a huge admiration for her. She’s much clever than the pretty face she is. So far, she has tried to solve every problem in her husband’s personal life. This includes his estranged father, his first and second ex-wife, and his family.  But I don’t know if this is enough. She’s a fighter, though.

The key is to find your place in this complex scheme.