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Only fools rush in

I fall in love too easily. And everytime, I think the guy is the one” said one of my friends. “I married twice. And each time, I thought I had found the one” admitted B. recently.

Maybe both of them never really found the one. But who is the one?

The one, for me, is the one we can still love after years spent together, after all the mystery’s gone, the one we created a indestructible bond with. And I don’t believe we meet this person quite often in our life.

Usually, only time will tell if your significant other is really the one. In my friend’s case, none of her ex really stayed into her life for long.

It’s easy to get carried away by love. But when we fall in love, this is not rational at all. Our heart can go to the right or to the left many times in our life. So, this is temporary. We can even fall in love with the wrong person. Many times. When I asked my friend if her ex treated her the right way, she said no. Then, it’s not the one.

I believe the one is someone who can really understand you. This is extremely difficult, because each of us have our own personality, scars, flaws, habits.

I don’t believe you will know straight away you’re in front of the right one either. It can happen, though. One of my acquaintances once said she knew straight away she found the one in the man she just met. Their first date went really really well. They missed the last bus to their way home because they couldn’t stop talking and laughing with each other. And the next morning, they spent the whole day together again. And the next day also. After this one, they decided they had to move in together, and got married six months after. So far, they are still together. And it’s been 8 years now.

But around me, most of the people I know told me that either they made a mistake by thinking their significant other was the one, or they found the one after many years spent apart. After all, this is a difficult quest. It’s like winning at the lottery.

How can we be sure that the one is really the one, given that there’s always more beautiful, intelligent, caring, … people in the world?

Only the long run will tell. Through the good and the bad times, the one will be at our side.


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