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Stay (faraway, so close)

Stay. Four simple letters that can turn a desperate situation into a promising one. This is how the relationship of one of my friends started, after a disastrous start.

A first date is never easy. Either you hesitate a lot and say stupid things if you really like the person who’s in front of you. Or you try to impress him/her. But often, this doesn’t work.

Plus, lying on your first date is stupid. If you want to pursue a relationship afterward, you’ve got to be honest. But the truth has sometimes nothing sexy.

In my friend’s case, her date with her now husband was awkward. He invited her to the restaurant (what an idea for a first date…). And there, everything went wrong. My friend ate something she couldn’t eat. He spilled his soup all over his suit. So, he offered her to go back to his place just nearby just to give her some meds for her sickness and take the occasion to change his outfits.

Their conversation was disastrous. They were both shy and didn’t know what to say to each other. After two glasses of wine, the tension went down, but this was when she ate something wrong and he spilled the soup.

At his apartment, after he changed and she took her pill, she decided it was enough. She told me she felt miserable at that moment, because she really liked him, but she thought it was hopeless. When she was about to leave, he just told her to stay a little bit longer. Much to her surprise. And then, the conversation changed, and the relationship started.

Stay is a powerful word. It just shows how much you care about the person. On the contrary, when a person tells you to leave, it shows how little you care about the person.

B. for instance never told me to stay. He never opposed to my decisions about finding another man, going far away from him. He just said he didn’t want to imprison me. Yet, he said he loved me. I guess this is love with no string attached. This is not something for me.


2 thoughts on “Stay (faraway, so close)

  1. The key in any heated situation is to be patient, yet deliberate. Any good attorney will tell you that the best course of action is always to try and keep a family together, but that is not always the ideal solution. When separation is warranted, having a good support system in place will make all the difference. You’ll see.

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