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Tell me

One of my friends says that if the first date you have with someone stops when the cafe/restaurant closes its door, it’s a good sign for your relationship. Yet, my recent experience proved this theory isn’t right.

In fact, none of my friend’s relationships that started like this on the first date ended in the right way. Each time, the guy found someone else and got married. And my friend is still single.

One of my dates ended up like that. But when I think about it now, I’m just mortified to what I said to him on that night. I should have left him after two hours, instead of spending five almost six hours with him. I gave him too much informations about me, on the first date.

Of course, he asked me a lot of questions. But I was also foolish to reply.

To be fair, I didn’t know what to expect from this date. I canceled our first date because I wasn’t sure at all about the guy. So, I went to our second date, the official first,  like I would have gone to meet a friend, not a potential significant other. And as a result , he treated me like his buddy, but not like the woman of his dream.

In the “Rules”, there is one rule that says: Don’t open up to quickly. The authors recommend to avoid saying intimate things about you on the first three dates. The key is to remain mysterious.

There was also something curious about telling too many details of your past relationships to your date. It can leave him sexually aroused.

This was doomed from the beginning.


3 thoughts on “Tell me

  1. Dianis says:

    Hey J how are ya??? I need a piece of advice, but I’d like to write to your mail… could be possible??? 😉


  2. Rebound relationships can be tricky…I guess first would be to realize and acknowledge it’s actually a rebound. Sometimes relationships “just happen” and before you know it, you’ve been with someone a good amount of time. Is that a rebound, or simply a new relationship? Yet another piece to decipher in the world of post-divorce!


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