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When love isn’t around the corner

So, Valentine’s day is coming to an end.

Men sometimes act rebellious during Valentine’s Day. A friend of mine told me her husband is allergic to this day and it usually turns into a huge fight. This year, she told me she forced him to go to her favorite cafe where she could eat the best cheesecake of the town. “At least, my evening wasn’t completely ruined thanks to the cheesecake” she said.

Another friend of mine is pissed because her man offered her flowers. “He knows I’m allergic to them and I told him numerous times I prefer chocolate and a card, but he never listens to me” she said. She offered him the chance to ride a supercar on a F1 circuit, but he didn’t like the car. And she paid a lot for that.

If I remember, in the “rules”, Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider mentioned that women should never spoil men when it comes to gifts. Maximum 100 USD and something like a book, DVD, shirt, … would do the trick. Maybe they’re right, given how many complains I’ve heard from my female friends about their gift to the one they love.

The “rules” also said that if he doesn’t offer you a romantic gift on Valentine’s Day, Christmas and your birthday, you should break up with him. At least, the roses my friend got were romantic. And she got invited to a chic restaurant  he picked months in advance.

Why people act so rebellious against Valentine’s Day? Is it because they don’t know what love is?

A friend of mine told me she used to hate that day when she was single. She had bad luck in her relationships and was never happy in it.

Another told me her man thinks it’s too commercialized, that’s why he doesn’t offer her anything.

Sorry to say this, but a single rose and a long love letter don’t cost a lot, and these are much more powerful than a diamond ring, especially if the diamond ring was bought so “she would let him alone”.

Valentine’s Day is just a day where you remind to the one you love how much you love him/her. If you don’t love someone, then of course, it will be a pain in the ass to show him/her what you don’t feel.

So, it may sound materialistic, but if he/she doesn’t offer you anything for Valentine’s day because it’s too commercialized, then, this means he/she doesn’t love you.

So, what was your worst Valentine’s Day?


2 thoughts on “When love isn’t around the corner

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:

    i think my worst valentines were back in elementary school where we would have to make mail boxes as an art project before everyone handed out their valentines. there would be so much stress in seeing how many valentines i would actually get… and whether the girl i had a secret crush would give me one.

    a lot of people i talked to said that they do not like valentines day because it is too commercialized, or they argue that you should treat the person you love everyday as if it were valentines day 365 days a year.

    i think that misses the point; i think valentines day is for expressing your love for someone in a way that you would not ordinarily do. it gives a person the perfect chance to either take a big risk or to do something silly that they would not do otherwise…

    because love makes fools of us all!

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