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I keep playing your part…

… while it’s not my scene

A real relationship is like a theater play with two actors. One plays opposite to the other. And depending on this interaction, the scene may be great or not. The greater the interaction is, the greater the scene will be.

Imagine a play where only one actor gives it all while the other just doesn’t give a damn and even seems annoyed to be there. Personally, I would rather prefer a monologue than a scene like this. There’s absolutely no point in that kind of play.

So, when it comes to a relationship, it’s not great to be the one who makes all the efforts while the other doesn’t reciprocate. It’s called a one-sided relationship.

But when we love someone, we expect to be loved back. And we sometimes forget to see that we give it all to him/her, while he/she doesn’t share that enthousiasm.

“I met him in a bar and I was the one who asked for his number and called him afterward. I was also the only one to ask if we could see each other. He never initiated anything and was often too busy to accept my date. I was always the one to propose to go to see a movie or to the restaurant, and he let me pay. He never introduced me to his friends or family  and I never visited his place” recalls P., 36. She discovered he was getting married to another woman shortly after.

Sometimes, this one-sided relationship is less obvious. “He wasn’t really into it from the start, but it wasn’t obvious. When we first met, he told me we were different and he wasn’t sure about us. After our first date, he didn’t ask my number. He only left an email the next day saying he had a great date with me and he wished we could see each other again. Then, remained silent for the next three days. It was me who asked him to see him again and set the date. The D-Day, he arrived 30 minutes late. He apologized and said he left me a message.  Then, during the conversation, he admitted he wasn’t really over his ex and had also another woman in his life. I called it quits afterwards. But four days later, I called him and asked him how he was. He asked me out that day, and instead of delaying the date, I accepted right away. Three days later, he just told me he wasn’t sure about us. But he added he didn’t want to end our relationship. Since then, this has left me totally confused”  H., 35, said.

A relationship takes two persons to be. Playing your significant other’s part will never lead you anywhere.


One thought on “I keep playing your part…

  1. The biggest thing in marriage besides love, is honesty and respect. This guy is giving a patch job, while what you really need is a brand new way of doing things. I new way to relate, and a new way of living your own life and how you percieve things. If both aren’t willing to eventually do this, and work together, then there isn’t much hope. One person can go to save the marriage with a new approach and lots of delving into maritaul self help type books, by the more well renowned trusted authors. In the end though you are bringing them around to the ultimate goal of working it out together. Lots of maritual therapy should follow. lol This is what saved my marriage.

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