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Fake plastic trees

(If I could be who you wanted, all the time)

We can do anything for love. Including losing ourselves. But by forcing ourselves to change too much, we can also realize one day how foolish we are. When you tear too much on a rubber band, it just comes back immediately to its neutral position. The same applies if you keep on tearing on it, little by little. One day, it will reach its limit and comes back into its original place just like that.

Many of us have tried to pretend to be someone else to be loved by the one we fell in love with. For instance, a friend of mine used to study late at night all about the movies just to impress the one she was madly in love at the time. Another friend of mine volunteered to serve an NGO abroad, so that she could be near to her man. Eight months later, she came back to our country saying she was homesick and couldn’t handle the heat of Africa. She was a simple employee before meeting him, but helped her local charity by collecting food for people in need.

By doing so, not only we live with the stress to not feel worthy to the one we love. but we also take the risk of not knowing who we really are. Besides, this is conditional love: if you weren’t like this or that, would he still love you?

This is really heartbreaking if one day, the one we love really meet his/her match. Because you can’t pretend to know all about the movies for long, while another one is really passionated about it. And passions are difficult to fake.

Of course, we can make minor adjustments because we love someone. Like for instance, stopping yelling at him for stupid reasons…

But if we don’t like Iron Maiden while he’s a true fan, we shouldn’t say so. Otherwise, he will think he would make you happy by buying two tickets to their concert, while you will consider this as paying a visit to the second circle of hell…

A true relationship should be based on genuine feelings. If you’re faking it to be loved by the one you love, this isn’t sustainable.

Gravity always wins…


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