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No sense at all

Olfaction. Some of us have this smell over developed. Some of us have it under developed.

Some of my friends told me they can disqualify a potential lover just because of his/her odor. How many times have I heard:”Oh, he’s handsome, but I hate his smell“?

This criteria alone isn’t enough to find the right person. Otherwise, it can lead to some awkward combination. For example, if I picked only a guy just by his smell, I would have clung to the biggest psycho I’ve ever met. So, no, this alone isn’t enough…

But for sure, this criteria is important. Would you live with someone who smells badly? Most people would answer negatively…

When you fall in love, the sense of smell is really important. It acts as a reminder of the one we love. Just by smelling one of his/her clothes reminds you of him/her. A friend of mine always takes her boyfriend’s shirt with her while she’s traveling so she can smell his odor.

Besides, the smell of his/her body can have a healing effect too. A friend of mine confessed that whenever he feels down, he just smells his wife’s hair, and this helps him to feel immediately better.

So, for the people who don’t have a sense of smell, loving someone can really be complicated. Love isn’t just an intellectual connection. It’s a bond made out of several things, including a physical attraction. Love cannot last for long without this too.

Odors can be quite exciting. It’s helpful in the bond you create with the one you love. Without these, it’s difficult to create such a bond. This is probably why those whose sense of smell are under developed are often depressed and have some troubles getting sexually excited.


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