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Post break-up sex

… to help you forget your ex…

When it’s over, each of us has various reactions, depending on who’s in the receiving end of the break-up. Some of us try to desperately convince the one who left us to come back. Some of us will cut immediately all contacts with their ex. Some of us will try to start a friendship, or at least, a civilized relationship with their ex. But sooner or later, we would have to enter a mourning period for our failed relationship.

Again, we don’t react the same way in a mourning period. Some of us will stay at home, cry, comfort ourselves with food for a while. Some of us will compensate by doing something else. Some of us will try the rebound relationship. A friend of mine has her personal recipe: she runs back to her ex, who’s her fuck buddy. She told me it has become a ritual between them each time she get dumped by a guy.”This makes me feel better. And It helps me forgetting my ex” she said.

But as a result, she’s still seeing her ex and this isn’t helping her very much to find the right one. I told her several times that if she knows she would end up in bed with her ex whenever it goes wrong with another guy, this doesn’t encourage her to find a relationship that works.

Besides, what if her ex decides to stop having sex with her?

Another of my acquaintances told me she needed to have sex after a break up so she can comfort herself about her power of seduction. She added she picked random strangers in bars to do so. I replied to her that not only, this is dangerous. Plus, if she wants to test her power of seduction, she doesn’t need to go all the way down…

But the worst according to me is to have sex with the one who broke your heart. Some of us accept this situation because they fear they will lose the one they love. Not only, they take the risk of losing the one they love, but also they can’t reverse the situation and can have their heart broken for good if the one they love decides to move on.

We can have sex for many reasons. But having sex to keep someone into our life or make us feel good isn’t a great idea. On the moment, it can be great, but then, the landing can make us feel awful.


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