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Never let me go

In the opera Hanjo, Hanako is patiently waiting for her lover, Yoshio, to come back from war safe and sound. The waiting turns her into madness, and she slowly becomes the shadow of herself. The memory of her lover is so imprinted in her mind that the day he eventually comes back, she’s unable to recognize him. She calls him a skeleton, and makes him go away.

Does it mean it’s never worth it to wait for someone for too long? Probably. Life is full of unexpected events, good or bad. And it’s better to be the actor of your life rather than letting life deciding for you what it should be. Of course, this implies to take the risk of failing at what we do. But if we don’t try anything, there’s not much happening in our life.

Life is too short to sit and wait for something to happen. Despite love needing time to develop, love is also a collective movement involving two people, as says Francesco Alberoni in “falling in love“. Love needs action.


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