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When the morning hunts you down

The morning after offers us sometimes awkward situations. If you had a drunken night with a guy and then end up in bed with him, the next morning, you could wake up and wonder who’s lying beside you.

This is why some people leave after sex or during the night, to avoid the morning confrontation.

This is also why some people refuse to let the one they had sex with stay over.

For those who haven’t got this extreme problem of intimacy, the morning after can still be a big deal.  We can be nervous, stressed, or just not at ease at all. This is true for the first night you spend together. Afterwards, usually, we get to know each other a little bit better.

The first night we spend together is quite an experience. Depending on how long we waited for it, it can offer us a lot of surprises.

When I spent the first night with S., we didn’t know each other really well before that. We were just attracted to each other. We had only three dates before this moment, and those dates were really short in time. When he arrived at my place, he looked very disoriented. He arrived late, 45 minutes after, and apologized for it. He didn’t know what to say to me and was really embarrassed. But instead of inspecting my place, he just started to kiss me over and over again. We quickly switched to my bedroom and when we did finish our business, it was too late in the night for him to go back home. So, he asked if he could stay with me, like a little boy. He didn’t bring anything with him, no toothbrush, nothing for him. During the night, I don’t know why, I felt the need to hold his hand. I didn’t sleep well that night. I thought he would run away early in the morning while I was sleeping. But he didn’t. We woke up but he stayed in bed. I took my shower, got dressed, and then prepared my breakfast. He dressed up and joined me. Before leaving, he just pulled me against the wall and undressed me. I arrived very late at my work because of that” recalls H.,34.

Nothing prepared me for the night we would spend together. He arrived at my place with food and flowers, without knowing I was allergic to the latter. He offered me to cook me a dinner. But it turned out he was a terrible cook. He burned everything and almost started a fire. To add to that, he cut his fingers, and we had to call my neighbor, who’s an MD, to fix this. I was expected a torrid night. He was so tired after all these events that he fell asleep in my couch. The next morning, he was really embarrassed and told me he was sorry to suck this bad. And left me” P., 36, explained.

Oh, it was terrible. He couldn’t get an erection because he was too stressed. In the morning, he ran away while I was taking my shower. I didn’t hear about him afterwards” I., 38, said about a terrible one-night stand.

So, is the first night that terrible?