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With a little help from your friends

Recently, one of my friends posted on Facebook new pictures of her. Those were taken by her friend, a famous photographer, and the result was stunning. She simply looks beautiful on it. And very happy.

When I asked her why she did those pictures, she smiled and said this was a sweet revenge on her ex. He left her four months ago because he said she wasn’t positive enough for him (BTW, she’s one of the most positive people of my circle of friends, so this is BS). Since then, we all advised her to cut all contacts with him. She didn’t call him at all. She didn’t get in touch with him by email, nor by SMS. But she just kept him among her Facebook friends.

She wasn’t very active on Facebook on these last four months. She told me she had a hard time looking at her wall and see news from her ex. So, she decided not to connect to FB until she’s over him. Instead, she spent her time going out with her friends and going to the swimming pool.

She said she felt she was ready to come back to Facebook two weeks ago, and used her pictures to indicate she was back on.

I just hope for her her ex would notice these pictures and start to regret her.

But anyway, she did the right thing so far. Instead of crying herself out and begging him to change his mind, she took her life on hand.

I read everywhere that if you want to get your ex back, this is the best way to do so. Cut all contacts for a while, and then come back, but not like an elephant in a porcelain shop. Facebook is probably one of the best ways to come back into an ex’s life. Especially if you don’t belong to the same circle of friends than your ex. Like my friend did, you can leave some nice pictures of you, of your latest holidays, or of the great nights out you have with your friends. Anything that suggests your social life is full. And inviting…


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