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Getting your ex back

Is it possible to get your ex back? Well, it really depends on how it ended. And of course, it depends on how you want him back into your life.

We can break up with him because we’re angry at what he had done or not. And once the anger disappears, it can happen that we start to regret him and want him back. But it’s tricky in this situation, because you pushed him away. The only thing to do is to apologize, and remain his friend. If he can forgive you and accept to keep you in his life, there may be a chance for him to come back into your life. But if he told you to get lost, then, don’t waste your time. It’s hopeless.

He can break up with you because he feels he’s not good enough for you. If you spent your time criticizing him, this is understandable. But if after the break up, he can’t stay away from you and want to stay your friend, maybe there’s a chance he will come back. But this decision belongs to him. And you can’t force him to come back. If it happens, it happens. Maybe you focused too much on what you hoped in a relationship. Instead, it’s better to build your own social life, without him. You will only appreciate his company more if he comes back. But don’t hang on to him.

He can break up with you because he’s in love with his ex. And she wins him back. This is hopeless. You should move on. If you break up with him because he can’t stop talking about his ex and always compares you to her, the same applies.

He can break up with you because he’s had enough of you and wants to meet other women. It’s hopeless too. Move on.

He can break up with you because he found someone else. There’s nothing much you can do here. Move on.

In any case, it’s important to pull back and take time away from him to figure out why it ended. You can simply realize you don’t need him in your life, and forget about him.

By taking your distance, not only it allows you to avoid yielding to impulsive emotions and making a fool of yourself by begging him to come back, but it also helps you to understand what went wrong. You would only know if you truly miss him after sometime, or if you’re just fine without him.

And after months of zero communication (no SMS, no emails, no calls, no pokes on Facebook,…), if you want to come back, then do so. But it’s best to keep it formal. I read in several publications that it’s best to call him and say that you thought about him because of a recent incident in your life, that you only wanted to know if he’s doing ok, and invite him to follow up with his news sometime. One call, that’s it. If he doesn’t call back, then, it’s lost.


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