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Post sex behaviors

It is said that women love to cuddle after sex, while men don’t. This is the result of the hormone we release after sex: the oxytocin. Men, on the other hand, release an hormone called prolactin, which makes them sleep or a bit numb for sometime.

This results in one scenario: the woman will get emotionally attached to her sexual partner, while he will feel nothing.

Well, maybe this is a general rule, but my two last experiences thought me that men can create a bond with their sexual partner, a protective one.

Once they have slept with a woman, men mark their territory. It’s not obvious just after sex, but it’s in their reaction afterwards. For instance, try this: go and have a lunch with your ex and see how he reacts. In practice, he will act very differently than your male friends, especially if you were the last woman he slept with. At the restaurant, he wouldn’t hesitate to eat in your plate if you don’t finish it. He would look jealous if the waiter flirts openly with you, and after the restaurant, he would offer to accompany you to your car/place just in case, and watch your steps when you walk (for instance, they will insist to walk on the side of the road to protect you).

He may feel nothing after sex, but his attraction for you doesn’t necessarily vanish afterwards.

Recently, I went to a barbecue where one of my friends invited everyone she knew. This included M., her coworker, and G., a male friend, who were constantly not very far from her during the barbecue, until they left. My friend had always denied she was sleeping with M. But she told me she did cross the line several times with G. “everytime she felt lonely“. When I was speaking to her, they could hear our conversation, and each  time she replied, they smiled, as if they remembered something she said.

I’m not sure women react the same way. But it’s true that our body has its own memory. And this is how you can feel a little strange kissing another guy or sleeping with him.


3 thoughts on “Post sex behaviors

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:


    remember the other night i had a conversation with the researcher who was studying empathy? he mentioned the name of the chemical that increased trust… i thought he said oxycontin (which is used to relieve pain), but it was oxytocin.

    i was trying to figure out the name of the chemical, and your post gave it to me! your link to wipikedia also mentioned that it was used in empathy research…

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