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The player

“I have weak points: women, money and my religion” said Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF president who is currently accused of sexual assault. This was months before he got arrested.

In France, there’s a huge debate going on right now on him. People wonder here if DSK has been trapped, if this whole story is just made up so he would be eliminated for the run on presidency in France. It’s difficult to say if this is true or not. The justice will do its job, and we will know in the future what really happened.

But DSK’s personality is very shadowy. He’s known to be a ladykiller. One of my friends, who had him for teacher, recalls that he tried to seduce one of her friends, in front of her and her friend’s boyfriend at the time. “Nothing could stop him. He’s just a big seducer” she said. And he also looked for younger women…

Some men are just big seducers, players in other words. They are only interested in having as many (beautiful) women as they can, sometimes, they even try to get their love, and then switch to another one. Their goal is to seduce. They are not looking for a long-term relationship.

One of my friends’ex is a big player. “He has a heavy turnover of women. For the moment, he’s seeing five different women at the same time” she said. When they were together, my friend didn’t know he was a big seducer. Until one day, she found him at a party hugging and kissing another girl. Who claimed she got engaged. With him. My friend was about to marry him.

“I was very much a part of his life for 5 years. His mom loved me and all of his friends told me he should marry me. Then, when I learned this, my whole world collapsed. I decide to move to another town and cut all contacts with him. I didn’t hear about him for months, until one night, I was in a bar with a friend of mine, and a guy started to shout at me because I turned him down. He didn’t want to leave and kept on insulting me, until a man came to him and asked him to calm down. That man was my ex. He happened to be in my town because of his cousin, who lived there. I didn’t know about that. I was a bit shaken after this. So, he proposed to stay with me and offered me to bring me back home. He apologized for what he did, and told me he missed me a lot. He also said he wanted me to remain his friend, if I wanted. And this is how we became friends. I date other guys, he dates other women. That’s it” she said.

Unless you’re a player too, dating a player would never satisfy you.


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