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Speak to my heart

Recently, I has to interview two guys who wanted to see me to talk about their business. The boss was the one who stood behind his newly hired associate, a very handsome man. Tall, athletic, with deep blue eyes. But it just left me cold. When my friends saw his picture in our newspaper, they asked me if it wasn’t too difficult to stay composed  and concentrated in front of him. And I replied it didn’t matter to me if he was handsome or ugly.

Three days later, I had another interview, this time, with a professor of finance. And there, I had a hard time remaining concentrated. Because the guy was absolutely charming. Objectively, he’s less handsome than the man I previously interviewed. But this man just spoke to my heart. He made me laugh all of the time. And said sensible things about my job. At the end of the interview, I was sad this was the end…

But I would have been distracted during my first interview if the guy had tried to flirt with me a little bit. It wasn’t the case. He just answered my question. Curiously, afterward, the professor left me a very short email thanking me for the interview. And the other one did too, but his email was very long. And very flattering.

All of this is just business to me. I know that if one of these guys was really interested, they would have tried to invite me for dinner or a coffee. This wasn’t the case.

Yet, it shows that what attracts us is not necessarily the most obvious thing. When I look at my ex’s, I can’t say I was immediately struck by their beauty. B., for example, is far from being athletic, he wears big glasses and doesn’t wear clothes that necessarily compliment his shape. To be fair, intelligence and humor are my biggest turn on. Plus, if a man is too handsome, I just feel not pretty or hot enough for him. And I only imagine him with his female equivalent, that is said, a tall, athletic and beautiful woman.

I do have physical preference too. I like tall guys who take good care of themselves  (but not the metrosexual type either). But these details alone aren’t enough.

So, what turns you on?


5 thoughts on “Speak to my heart

  1. Totally true – it’s in the language! A friend & I have been talking about this (perhaps far too much), but it has something to do with speaking each other’s language. I don’t mean merely English/Spanish/etc. Some people you click with & can’t get enough of their conversation. Others not so much. It’s a conversational spark. Mm.. I’m getting mushy just thinking about it! Sheesh.

    Compassionate, intelligent, witty, tall, & get-me-eyes.

    Thanks for posting!

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