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Boulevard Nights

Once, when I got to pick a friend of mine at her apartment for driving her to the airport, I noticed a strange ballet outside of her place. It was five in the morning, on a Saturday, and there were men and women, often young, walking with their clothes and hair undone. The women also looked in need of a proper makeup remover… It reminded me of my years in College, where I often went back to my apartment a little bit wasted…

My friend told me in the car she looked exactly like them whenever she came back from a one-night stand.”I never stay over. It’s too weird” she said.”I went once to a party where I drank too much and followed a guy I met there at his place. I was drunk, but not enough to avoid noticing the state of his apartment, untidy as hell. It was impossible not to walk on something. Plus, it was filthy. So, I waited until the guy fell asleep, and rushed out of his place. The next morning, a friend of mine, who was at the party, asked me how was the night, with the “hottie” I landed. I realized he was en  plus not very handsome…” she said.

This is one of the problems with drunken nights. But when you’re not drunk, the “morning” after a one-night stand can be as awkward. When you’re not a your place, you can always leave after your misfit, especially if your one-night stand really sucked. But if it’s at your place, there’s the problem of making him/her go away.

If you live alone, this is more a problem than if you have one or several roommates. They can provide you a good excuse to get rid of your one night-stand.

Of course, this kind of embarrassment doesn’t happen if you choose to wait before having sex with the one you’re currently dating.


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