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Facebook & I

How do we use Facebook? I’ve noticed that among my FB friends, some are not really active, while other pollute you with their news. Those who are really active on this network can be divided in two categories: those who play a lot to games like Farmville (and who clearly have nothing to do at work), and those who want to show you how great their life is (it also applies to those who complain about everything).

Recently, I went to lunch with one of my FB friends, who is also one of my best friends in real life. And we discussed a lot about one of our common friends, who has been to every party in my town for the last 8 months. Her wall is full of pictures of her tagged at this or that party, always dressed up and smiling to the camera. Our friend left her husband 8 months ago, and since then, she’s been going out non stop. A bit too much, I think. And too much on display. As if she wants everyone to know how great her life is. Including, I think, her ex.

Most of my friends who go out a lot and who are on FB are almost invisible on FB. From time to time, we see some pictures of them at a party, a concert, … They have a life outside FB.  And when I ask them if they would be bothered to have their entire activities on FB, they disagree. “I’m not promoting myself. I just want to have fun. That’s it” one of them said. Indeed, living your life and enjoying what you want to do don’t need much publicity to it.

The constant promotion of your social life on FB only proves one thing: a need for attention. If it helps her gaining confidence, it’s not a bad idea. When we have our heart broken, it’s good to have some help like that. But this is only temporary. Maybe my friend will rekindle her relationship with her ex. It looks like it.

I don’t really think using FB like she does is a great strategy, though. Sometimes, disappearing from the public eye can be more effective than showing how great your social life is permanently. Love and desire need a little distance.