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Catching the bouquet

One of my friends recently told me that she stopped trying to catch the bride’s bouquet when she’s invited to weddings. “I caught so many of them, and I’ve never got married” she said.

So, during my sister’s wedding, she voluntarily  declined to join the other single ladies participating to the tossing of the wedding bouquet.

When I saw the picture of this moment, I realized there were two groups of women: those who fought to catch  the bouquet, and those who didn’t try at all. But my sister confessed she threw a fake bouquet, and not hers. She followed her friends’s advice, who told her she could throw a fake one, because everyone does it, apparently.

My sister later explained she didn’t want to give away her bouquet, because her husband carefully picked it for her. One of my friends, who was present, disagreed strongly with her. But hey, my sister didn’t want a traditional wedding as she said. The bouquet was my idea (and also, a request from some of my friends who were attending…). I guess she shouldn’t have thrown her bouquet. Most of the weddings I attended didn’t have a bouquet tossing.

The tradition in Europe and North America says that the bride should throw her bouquet (the real one) to all the single ladies attending the wedding. The bouquet became an alternative to the pieces of the wedding dress.

But most weddings I attended lately didn’t follow the tradition. There was just one where we shared something in common with the bride: food poisoning.  The fridge where the cake was waiting broke down during the ceremony. I let you imagine the rest of the night…