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Not together, but not apart

When I attended my sister’s wedding, I noticed a strange couple among the people invited. They arrived together, but each time the photographer asked them for a picture together, they declined. But they left together at the end of the night. More exactly, they were so drunk that they slept in their car. Together.

When I asked my sis if they were a couple, she replied negatively. They used to date, but they are no longer a couple, said my sister. Yet, they live together, and she told me that they always invite the two for dinner with her other friends.

A friend of mine also lives the same situation. She’s been living at her ex’s apartment for one year now. She goes on holidays with him, goes out with him,… Yet, she swears they are not together. “He needs me” she said. I asked her if he needed her like a mom, but she replied negatively. “He cooks for me, cares a lot about me” she said. “He calls me when I go out without him just to know where I am” she added. Yet, they are not together.

The truth is, my friend really wants to have a real relationship with him again. But so far, he has always turned her down. Each time, my friend is hurt and leaves him. But then, he begged her to come back into his life. Yet, nothing really changes between them. And I know my friend isn’t happy about this situation.

Both cases are not sustainable. If one day, my friend, her ex, or one of my sister’s friend finds someone else, they will lose their bizarre friendship. So far, it will be difficult, because none of them is making any room for a new romance.

I told my friend to be honest with him, and leave him a choice: either they start a real relationship, or they take their distance. But my friend refuses to do so for the moment.

Life is too short to waste it like that.


2 thoughts on “Not together, but not apart

  1. That is a really weird situation they have.Actually, I have friends like that also,but they are in that situation because they are both broke and don’t want to live with thier parents..

  2. Indeed, winyourdivorce, these situations can happen for financial reasons. My friend doesn’t admit this, but she’s financially dependent on him. But it’s not sustainable, unfortunately.

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