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Needy & clingy

For those who read the celebrity news (or Page Six), you have probably know that this top model is now involved in a lawsuit with her ex and asks him $46k a month for child support.

Her ex dated a famous actress after her, who got pregnant too, and broke up with her too.  But now, they’re married. While the top model is left with a bitter battle court and a child who probably never know his father.

I read a lot about this story. And the newspapers didn’t depict a great picture of her. They all say that she went to a depression after she had a miscarriage several years ago, before meeting him. She took advantages from him for her career. And now she’s getting old, she’s trying to secure her future for her kids, by asking a huge child support.

Her rival didn’t say anything when her engagement was broken, just after she gave birth to their daughter. I guess she thought she was able to care for her on her own, without his money.   No wonder why he came back into her life…

I was always told that it’s better to be independent financially. Besides, it’s a little weird in our modern society to ask for the financial help of your significant other, especially if you work and earn a decent salary. And this includes kids. Marrying for the money isn’t worth it at all. Being a gold digger either. If you want money, work for it on  your own!

Besides, being needy and clingy can be a deal breaker in a relationship. If you always need him for doing things, this is the best way to get on his nerves.

And in the case of a divorce, asking for a huge spousal support will probably make you richer, but it won’t help you staying friends with your ex. It won’t help you either to mend your broken heart.


2 thoughts on “Needy & clingy

  1. That is a great article.:D

    I agree that it is better to be independent financially. And I also believe that if you can raise your child independently and comfortably,you are great parent.:D

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