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The road to happiness

I mentioned previously that it was important to follow our dreams.  Yet, sometimes, we can do everything we can to pursue our dream, but we fail at it. Four  years ago, we had a student in our newsroom who was really really bad. But he wanted to be a journalist, it was his dream. Yet, he lacked a lot of things, and my chief editor told him to reorientate himself, that his future wasn’t in the competitive and merciless world of the journalism. This is the first time she ever said that to a student, even if she can be really harsh with her journalists. The poor student did try in other publications, but he received the same advice over and over again. I’ve never seen his name at the foot of any published article. I guess maybe he decided to switch to something else.

Among my coworkers, they are also a lot of failed writers/ painters/ graphists. Yet, they have managed to find their place in our newsroom. I guess it’s a little reward on their broken dreams.

Of course, we should all pursue our dreams. But we also got to be realistic. Things don’t always turn the way we expect. If you try your best to reach your goal, and fail, at least, you could say you have tried, and you shouldn’t regret anything. It’s better than being afraid to fail and not even trying. Living with regrets makes us sad and  bitter.

A friend of mine dreamed of joining Pixar. But to join this company, you have to be among the happy few. In my country, you have to get the right diploma to get there. My friend knew it was difficult, and despite all his efforts, he didn’t get this diploma. After two failures, he decided to do something else. He said he thought he would fail over and over again at the exams.  Yet, he never stopped drawing. And now, he has managed to live over it. His career is just taking off.

Dreams need sometimes a little adjustment. For instance, I always wanted to be a journalist, but I never dreamed about being a financial journalist. This topic was the only one still open for new journalists in my country. Because nobody wants to do this. Yet, I’m perfectly happy with it now. And you cannot imagine how happy I am each time I meet someone in the world of finance who seems genuinely impressed by me. I wouldn’t have bet on that when I was studying journalism in College many years ago.

The road to happiness is difficult. I can assure you I had a lot of doubts before becoming who I am today. And during these times, it’s best to have support but also friends who will keep your feet on the ground in case of.


2 thoughts on “The road to happiness

  1. I agree that that the road to happiness is hard.Many people out there have many dreams that they cannot achieve,yet,they have found many things that irrelevant to their dreams and they are still happy. There are many things in our life that we take for granted just to get our dreams…..

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