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Happy birthday…

Birthdays.On the day of your birthday, you wish people you love wish you a happy one. Thousand of people can wish you a happy birthday, yet, if someone you care about forgot about it, your day can be ruined.

This is especially true if the person who forgot your birthday is the one you love. This hurts, isn’t it? This can happen once if your significant other has something else in mind. But if this is the third or fourth time in a row, there may be a problem.

What do you do then if he forgets your birthday? It’s not pleasant at all to remind him about this special day. In your mind, you seriously think that he should mark this day more than anything else. So, it puts you in a bad position to remind him about this day. You feel like a horrible person.

In the first months of a relationship, this can be a test for your significant other. If he doesn’t know when is your birthday, forgets about it and doesn’t do anything for you on that day, this says it all about how much he cares about you. The same applies to Valentine’s Day. This may be harsh, but it’s best to recognize the early signs of a ill-fated relationship before it’s too late.  Ending the relationship here will prevent you to have other birthdays ruined because he forgot about it again.

And here, a simple happy birthday isn’t enough. The gift he chooses is important too. If it isn’t a romantic gift, this isn’t a good sign either. And by romantic gift, I mean something special: not a present a friend could give you.

Remember this: if a relationship doesn’t make you happy, it’s not worth fighting for it.


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