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Sever the ties

After a break up, the wisest thing to do is to spend time way apart from our ex. It’s important to do so, because otherwise, we can have our heart broken again.

The distance is important to help us move on.  It’s also a reminder that the one we loved and who broke our heart isn’t the center of the universe.

Taking your distance implies cutting all contacts with your ex for a while. It will help you to grieve your past relationship. Let’s be honest, when it’s over, we can feel a wide range of emotions, going from sadness, to anger, to hope and desperation. But we have to go through this grieving and unpleasant period to get over our past relationship. Because it helps us getting in touch with ourselves.

A broken heart also gives you a strange energy. In adverse times, we all develop mechanisms of survival.  A broken heart can give us pain chest and weaken our body.  But our body responds against this.

Some people used that energy to start something new. Look at Steve Jobs. When he got fired from Apple in the 80’s, he bounced back and founded Pixar, then NeXT, only to come back with a vengeance at Apple years later, to save the company.

The singer Adele also used her broken heart to write her best selling album, 21. These examples are numerous.

That’s why it’s important to find something to do, something you like but you never had the time to do because you were in a relationship, when it’s over.

And this is only possible if we sever the ties with our ex.

But sometimes, it’s hard to really take a distance with our ex. Today, I got reminded on how difficult to forget completely about my ex. When we evolve in the same professional circle or have a family with our ex, cutting all contacts can be difficult. But it’s possible to limit the exchanges to the minimum with our ex.


7 thoughts on “Sever the ties

  1. This is a good post. Realizing that our ex is not at the center of our lives anymore and taking the time to come to grips with that is imperative. I found that after my divorce I became a better parent, devoting all of my love to the kids. I also found a renewed energy for work… and bettering my situation and in turn the situation of my kids. Thanks for the post!

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