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Nothing to win

Yesterday,  I went to the opera with my friends, where we bumped into a famous former TV anchor. She was there with obviously her son and her daughter-in-law. It’s been almost two years now we haven’t had much news about her. She got kicked out of her TV show by her team, who had enough of her angry-bully control freak behavior. Since then, she underwent a severe depression. And she obviously lost a lot of weight. There was also a sadness in her eyes when I looked at her. She didn’t seem very happy to be here. The expression on her face was tensed.

Shame on me, I couldn’t help gossiping about her with my friends.  She got divorced three years prior of her dismissal at the TV show. She asked for a divorce because her husband spent her time cheating on her with much younger female TV presenters. This was terribly humiliating. Her job imposed her to travel a lot, and so her husband took her numerous absences as an opportunity to cheat on her.

It’s been years since she started her TV show, a very popular one. But people have always complained about her very difficult mood. Over the eight years prior to her dismissal, nine of her collaborators stepped out.

Gosh, no one wins or loses in this situation.


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