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Nobody likes to be rejected. It’s easier to leave than to be left behind. But sometimes, we can have it all wrong by rejecting and then changing our mind, only to be rejected in the end.

Recently, one of my friends told me her recent experience with her man. She started dating him after she got dumped by her long time boyfriend, and she wasn’t sure at all her new man was the right guy. Rebound relationships rarely work.

He was sweet with me. He always wanted to spend time with me. But I couldn’t bear him. I realized he wasn’t my ex. And I missed my ex a lot. So, I told him I wanted to call it quits. But I realized then I was missing him a lot too” she said.

“But I needed time apart to figure it out. So, I didn’t call him right away. But after two months, when I called him, he told me he didn’t want to go back with me. I was devastated” she added.

Two months later, her man showed up in her apartment and asked her for a second chance. But she was still mad at him for rejecting her. So she asked him what took him so long to come back to her, and also why he rejected her two months before. And her man didn’t take it well. So, he changed his mind again. And my friend was devastated again.

Two months later, they were invited to the same party. But none of them were aware of it. She was already dancing with her friends when he arrived at the place. And she didn’t notice him at all. “A guy there was trying to get to me, but he didn’t interest me at all. I let him talk to me though. And then suddenly, he came next to me, and simply told me I looked beautiful. I reciprocitated by telling him his shirt was really nice and that it complimented his eyes. He smiled, then looked at me without saying anything. And all of a sudden, he started to kiss me” she said.

So far, they are still together.

When we get rejected, it’s easy to yield to our emotions. Yet, these don’t help us and can turn against us, especially if we want to get our ex back. But we also want to take the upper hand in this situation and reverse it to our advantage. We don’t necessarily yield to this urge to take revenge though. Unless we don’t want to get back with our ex. This only applies when we are young and immature. Mature people don’t do that anymore.


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