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The right choice

Back in July, before my sister got married, I went to the hairdresser where the TV was showing Albert and Charlene de Monaco’s wedding. Everybody in the saloon was laughing because we heard a day before the future bride tried to fly away.

My hairdresser looked at me and asked: “Why did she pick him?”

I replied to her that maybe it was because of the money he has. I was joking of course.

My hairdresser looked back at me and said that she would be a fool if she chose the money over love.

I had a lover who had a lot of money. He bought me a lot of things, and even asked me to marry him. But I refused” she said. “I wasn’t happy at all with him. Besides, he wanted to move in another town with me. I didn’t want to quit the job I love and all my friends and family” she added.

I asked her if she found a man who makes her happy. And she said yes. “I didn’t have to sacrifice my life for him. He just came into my life and added more happiness to it” she smiled. “But I married late. I was 30 year old when I tied the knot. I do  think that when you’re younger, you don’t necessarily realize what you have and what it’s important to you. You can commit some mistakes” she said.

But we all make mistakes, at any age. It’s best then to learn from our mistakes” I said.

You’re right. I guess I wouldn’t have realized how important was my friends, my job and my family if I didn’t make the mistake of going out with my rich guy” she replied.

Yet, even if we’re not twenty-something anymore, we can still ignore what’s important in our life.

A friend of mine can’t realize this at this moment. She entirely depends on her man for her own happiness. But this equilibrium is fragile.

So, what’s important in your life?



3 thoughts on “The right choice

  1. Debbie says:

    It is difficult to watch public figures and read social media about them and actually know the motive behind their actions.

    Sometimes it’s even difficult to watch our personal friends and actually know the motive behind their actions. Their actions tell a story, indeed. I have learned, the hard way, that sometimes their actions do not match their heart or intentions. For some misguided reason, they believe and are convinced that they were sending off a different message.

    Happiness is not a concrete concept and neither is Mr. Right or Ms. Right. It means different things to different people. And it’s very easy to view others and come to the conclusion that we are more evolved than the one just two inches down the slope of our noses.

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