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Love until death

In August 2003, this actress died in the most horrible way on this earth. She was killed by the man she loved, after a fight. He beat her until she lost consciousness. His lover made another victim. His ex-wife committed suicide in 2010. It is reported she filed a complaint against him for abuse, but she canceled it soon after.

Is there a way to prevent such tragic events? When we fall in love, we’re not acting rational at all. And the first mistake we all make is thinking that we can change the one we love. We can’t change people unless they want to do so. And in general, people who are not good for us are really honest about it right away. But we can choose not to listen to those warning signals.

Look at the DSK case. When he met his actual wife, he told her he was unfaithful. But she replied it was not his problem, but hers. And now, he faces another trial, after the Diallo and the Banon cases.

Another sign to look at is the impact on your life. If you lose a lot, like your career, your family or your friends, this should also raise your concern. These are the cement of your life. You can’t eliminate them because it will only make you vulnerable and dependent on the one you love.

Love isn’t all about sacrifices. It shouldn’t be difficult. Besides, your body can send you signals you’re not in the right relationship.  Don’t ignore these signs. If you feel fear around him, it should raise your concern. The same goes if you are anxious about him.

But it’s hard to admit this.  Because love isn’t rational.


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