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Recently, one of my friends told me her disapproval of her friend’s behavior. Her friend, who’s a mother of a 4-year old girl, has been going out a lot since she left the father of her child eight months ago.

Maybe this is her way to get over her broken heart. Even if she’s the one who left the relationship, she can be hurt too. Leaving a long term relationship is never easy. Especially if you have a child. But when we leave, we generally know why.

Obviously, my friend’s friend seems to need the proof she’s still a seducer. Maybe in her relationship, she didn’t feel that way.

This is just a reaction from the breakup. We all react in different ways when it’s over. For instance, one of my friends started to buy plenty of stuffs she didn’t need, as if she needed to fill the void in her love life. Another one spent a lot of money in buying shoes and clothes, until she got reminded that her bank account didn’t follow her shopping frenzy.

This phase doesn’t last.

Afterwards, we realize how great it is to find our freedom again. For some people, freedom is difficult because they don’t know how to benefit from it. Besides, when you’re in a long-term relationship, you can remain affected by your ex even if he’s not here in your life anymore.

The first time I spent the night with another man, it was so weird. I couldn’t help comparing him to my ex. In the morning, I had a shock when I saw him in my kitchen. He was the first man to go there since my ex left. It took me some time to erase my ex” I., 35, said.  This is especially true if you still live in the place where your ex and you used to live.

The temptation to go back with your ex can be important. But once you realize you’re free, you hesitate twice about returning to your old ways.

I sacrificed my life just to be with him. I accepted to move to London because he lived there. I didn’t speak english at that time. I was alone in this city, I had no friends there, and I was really far from my family. And he didn’t give me back my sacrifice. He was always working, always away from me. When I got divorced, I had no choice but to go back to my parents. But I also got the opportunity to connect again with my friends and family, who were far from me. Slowly, I recovered from this with their help. I also found a job thanks to them. Now, there’s no way I would want to go back to my old life” H. ,37, said.

Our freedom is precious. We should all remind about this.


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