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Better days

So, 2011 is coming to an end. And as we wave goodbye to this year, some of us also choose to wave goodbye to the things that weren’t good for us.

It is called resolutions.

Usually, we make resolutions at the beginning of the year, but we don’t stick to it. An example? One of my friends vowed to stop smoking. But after three months, she started to smoke again.These nasty habits die hard, unfortunately. If you don’t take this really seriously, chances are you won’t succeed in making it.

Why do we fail at it? That’s a difficult question. Maybe we put the goal too high. That’s an explanation.

Maybe should we be more realistic?

But sometimes, it is worth leaving the past behind, to start a new life. The past can be a burden.

At the end of the Santiago de Compostela road, hikers are asked to leave something precious to them behind. After months of walking, sleeping and feeling nothing, except peace of mind and tiredness, we are conditioned to think about our life and know what’s important and what’s not. So, people choose to leave something that was precious to them, but isn’t precious anymore.

In the movie “Up”, this is also depicted. Carl chose to leave behind the house he built with his wife, who passed away, after a long journey where he finds a new meaning for his life: stand behind a child, Russell, who’s left behind by his father, who started another family.  Elle, his wife, is symbolized by his house. At the end of the movie, Carl loses his house, who lands just in the place where he and Elle hoped to visit when they were younger.

After a long journey, we can accept to let go our past.

So maybe we all need a long journey.

I wish you a Happy New Year and a fresh start for 2012!

Thank you for being my readers.


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