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The rules of attraction (new version)

We reap what we sow, as it said. When it comes to love, it is the same. We only attract what we reflect of ourselves. If we don’t love ourselves enough, we will attract people who want to save us or control us, but those people don’t really love us. Trying to save someone is called compassion, but this isn’t love. Controlling someone is just manipulation.

If we love ourselves, we will attract people who will be simply seduced by us. A friend of mine always complained she scared men in general because she is tough and strong, and always defends herself when she gets into an argument. It’s true she scared some men, but it did herself a huge favor, because those men were simply not good enough for her and a little bit immature. Last year, at party, she bumped into an old coworker who left for another company. And he kept on complimenting her for being outspoken and determined. At the end of the evening, he invited her for a drink, and now, she’s engaged to him.

The things we do also help us attracting people. Another friend of mine left her job as a lawyer to become a cook, an excellent one. She kept on collecting disastrous dates with men until she made that change in her life. Before being a cook, she was moody, always tired, and often upset about her professional life. Changing the direction of her life helped her to become positive again, and her passion for food fulfilled her and gave her the energy she lacked when she was a lawyer. One year after she opened her restaurant, a male journalist asked her to meet her and write a review on her cuisine. He wasn’t very objective, because when he arrived at her restaurant, he kept on complimenting my friend, because his mother just fell in love with her cuisine. He also told he she was beautiful. And asked her for a date. She’s also engaged to him now…

As for me, since I won my award as a journalist, I just feel a little more peaceful. I’ve received two invitations from two different men. We’ll see what will happen.

The key is to love ourselves. And to help us loving ourselves, by doing the things we love.


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