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Coming out

Two weeks ago, my newsroom found this news about a French academic who died in his hotel room. Immediately, on Twitter, there were thousands of tweets, most of them mourning the death of this man, who contributed to the democratization of Sciences Po, in France, an establishment very elitist.

An article of Le Monde depicted him as a bit megalomaniac. When you read it, you can’t help thinking the guy had a big personality.

So far, the inquiry on his death hasn’t revealed anything, but it indicated it wasn’t a crime, despite his body found naked in the room, and his cellphone found on the balcony of the third floor of the hotel, while his room was on the seventh. Prescription drugs were also found in his room.

But everyone in France suspects he was involved in a gay gang bang that turned not so well for him.

Because the victim was gay, but not openly.

I was shocked when I learned he was married (to a woman) and had two kids with her. He married her because in society, it’s easier to be heterosexual, and to follow the path society wants you to follow, aka, getting married and having kids. Unfortunately, if you don’t fit into that mold, you can get easily rejected, and it can close you doors.

But for every door that is closed, another one is opening.

One of my professional contacts is openly gay. And he has always managed to stand for his homosexuality. But he works for an international company, where they fight against all kinds of discriminations.

This just shows how retarded the French society is.

In Rue 89, there was a thought provoking op-ed about this case. And the author mentioned in it:”I wouldn’t want to be the man who  was his lover. I wouldn’t want to be the man people mentioned as the very dear good friend at his funerals“.

Nobody wins in lying about ourselves.


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