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A strange bond (brothers/sisters or lovers?)

When I was in India, I was intrigued at the beginning of my trip by two of my travel companions. I thought they were a couple, until I spoke to them. They rapidly told me they were brother and sister, but admitted no one believes them and everyone thinks they are a couple. The truth is, among all my friends, I don’t see them traveling abroad with their family, unless if it is for a special occasion like a wedding.

Do you travel with your sister?” they asked me. I replied my sister is married, thus she travels with her husband now. “We’re not yet married, so we can still travel together” they replied. Among my single friends, most of them travel with their friends, but rarely with their family. Recently, a friend of mine went to Argentina during three months, with her best friend. Her sister didn’t accompany her. Another one traveled to Hawaii with her best friends too, but her brother stayed in my country.

When I got back in my country, I heard another conversation of the same kind. The woman in my elevator was speaking to her coworker about the recent house purchase she made with her brother. They decided to have their own floor, so they had to build two bathrooms, two living rooms, two kitchen in their house.

Roommates can be easily accepted when you get into a relationship with someone else. So, it doesn’t matter here if your roommate is your brother or your sister. But the bond you create with your siblings can hinder your relationship too. Especially if your sibling acts like a jealous boyfriend/ girlfriend.

I met once a charming man in a dinner with friends. But during the dinner, my brother was constantly taking food off my plate, and sometimes, gave me some of his food so I could taste it. I could see on my potential lover’s face something bothered him about this. For the rest of the evening, he wouldn’t want to talk to me. Later, I learned he told one my friends I had a sick bond with my brother” T., 34. said.

When my brother started in his new company, he asked me to accompany him to his numerous cocktails. He needed my company because he barely knew anyone at this work place back then. But I found it really weird to accompany him, because around us, all of his coworkers brought their wife or fiancee. It looked as if we were a couple. I quickly told my brother I wouldn’t accompany him anymore.” K., 37, said.

When people around you start to ask you about your bond with your sibling, maybe this is the warning sign there’s something wrong. Normally, we just know when it’s a normal brother and sister relationship, and when it’s not.


One thought on “A strange bond (brothers/sisters or lovers?)

  1. Brothers and sisters can grow so close together especially if they have learned to rely mainly on one another. There is a certain type of “closeness” that is considered normal and as long as you don’t go beyond your boundaries as siblings, you can stay comfortable in such kind of relationship.

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